Get It On, Bang A Gong

There’s something very soothing about hitting a gong. The sounds and vibrations can hold you like a warm duvet and work their way into your core.

Using them in meditation for recall at the end of a session is a pleasant and gentle way of re-entering normal waking consciousness, but there’s an interesting Guardian piece describing their use  in sound baths to take you into a meditative altered state of consciousness instead.

Not Just Background Music

Music in shops and other spaces has come a long way from the bad-old days of elevator muzak – at least that’s what some of the individuals who inflict it on us claim.

Well, they would wouldn’t they? It still makes me want to take a pair of cutters to the loudspeaker wires, though.

This story in The Guardian looks at the psychology underpinning this dark art of persuasion and mood manipulation, and some of the people getting rich from peddling playlist nonsense.

New release: Orbit

If you were a microphone/camera gifted with free flight, and were also imbued with empathy and reflexivity, you could on each orbital flight appreciate the physical and natural wonders of the atmosphere, not forgetting human communications technology. As you soared you would also be open to the metaphysical and spiritual realms that are within your orbit.

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AdSense NonSense is now officially sacked

Google’s AdSense nonsense, responsible for so much of the marketing bombardment that makes the web almost unusable at times, has now been deactivated from this site.

Oh yeah, it makes me come over all nostalgic: artists manning the digital barricades against the nouveau-imperialistic arrogance of the likes of Google and Amazon. Roll on the revolution, again. And don’t take no bull from the man.