YouTube post: Ska’d Midlands (Für H)

Hot from the iTunes visualizer window: The latest YouTube music video is posted here. It’s also available on SoundCloud in higher quality audio.

What’s it about? It was a commission for a birthday present. On SoundCloud it’s described as: Take a dash of Ska rhythmic structure, season with variations of Beethoven’s Für Elise, add some Two Tone West Midlands homage, top with selected character traits and you have a piece written for and about someone for their birthday.

On YouTube it’s described thusly: A bit of Beethoven, a sprinkling of Ska structure, seasoned with the essence of a real person – Happy Birthday H. Cooked with Logic Pro X instruments, Alchemy, Native Instruments and Roland Integra-7.


Gogglebox Bollox

Let’s get this straight. I’m supposed to enjoy watching some shrieking imbecile shitsticks and harridans who are gobbing off while watching the sort of crap TV I avoid polluting my brain with in the first place …

Man From The Realm Of Footy Fan

I love the ancient legend of The Fey Woman Of Lyn Y Fan. I love it so much that I wrote a quirky, contemporary retelling of the story complete with gender and role reversal, kebabs and football. As if by magical coincidence, it’s appearing in the June 2014 edition of Gold Dust magazine, which I believe is issue 25 and free to read from the website.