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AdSense NonSense is now officially sacked

Google’s AdSense nonsense, responsible for so much of the marketing bombardment that makes the web almost unusable at times, has now been deactivated from this site.

Oh yeah, it makes me come over all nostalgic: artists manning the digital barricades against the nouveau-imperialistic arrogance of the likes of Google and Amazon. Roll on the revolution, again. And don’t take no bull from the man.

Infinite monkeys with typewriters clogging Facebook feeds

Imagine … there was a “Who/What/Where quiz” on bloody bollockingbraindead BuzzFeed that posed sensible questions with realistic options for answers? One that you could get beyond the first question without screaming “FFS – what sort of simian simpleton would answer with any of these stupid responses to such a dumbass question?”

Even if there was, I still wouldn’t care what sort of fetid parasites my FaceBook friends are apparently proud of being.

Positive thinking? I don’t think so…

Chanting all those positive affirmations has never seemed that great an idea to me. I’ve always approached them with caution in one-to-one work with clients as I’ve found they can encourage wish-fulfillment fantasies, inhibit balanced thought processes and encourage depressive styles of thought, encourage unhealthy perfectionist traits, and be completely unrealistic. Doctor Jeremy Dean has surveyed research on another two downsides: why they backfire for some people and are harmful for others.

Having said that, they can be useful – if they’re constructed properly. NLP practitioners ought to use the well-formed outcomes model to help construct them while trainers and consultants might be more familiar with the SMART model of goal setting and use that to produce affirmations that are not vapid and woolly.

The fall of leaves and people

nutsAutumn. Season of mellow mists when the trees are as full of nuts as was the recent conservative party conference.

It’s the time of year when trees shed their leaves before the onset of winter, like liberal democrats shed their moral principles to join Cameron, Osborne and the hellish legion of millionaire bureaucrats as they usher in a winter of discontent and misery.

Scant compensation that it is for Clegg and Co, but leaf mould is good. The forces of decay and regeneration make rich compost that nurtures life yet to come.

Let’s hope the metaphor holds, because the Tories have no principles worth speaking of to shed. And if they did it wouldn’t be picturesque deciduous leaves, it’d be a poisonous carpet of coniferous needles squashing the life out of anything that dares to grow – like hope, trust in the goodness of others, and values that are not founded in specious market-economics.