Sleep Well Hypnotically

book Sleep Well Hypnotically is an audio download with an accompanying free eBook that uses psychology and hypnotherapy to help those with sleeping problems resolve them and get a good night’s sleep.

It also has some groovy choons to help the processes.

Insomnia is very common. In Western industrialised societies around one third of the population have periods of insomnia in their lives.

There are some typical patterns to insomnia. Some people find it difficult to go to sleep, maybe lying awake for a long time before drifting off and then sleeping for only a short while. Some people keep waking up throughout the night and feel they’ve had hardly any rest. Others wake early in the morning.

In this audio and eBook, I have packaged some tried and tested methods and techniques from my work with individual clients who have successfully overcome insomnia. There are breathing exercises, with music, designed to counter the effects of stress, a quick method of self-hypnosis, a visualisation process, and a formal hypnotherapy session. There’s even a lullaby…