Sleep Well Hypnotically

book Sleep Well Hypnotically is an audio download with an accompanying free eBook that uses psychology and hypnotherapy to help those with sleeping problems resolve them and get a good night’s sleep.

It also has some groovy choons to help the processes.

Insomnia is very common. In Western industrialised societies around one third of the population have periods of insomnia in their lives.

There are some typical patterns to insomnia. Some people find it difficult to go to sleep, maybe lying awake for a long time before drifting off and then sleeping for only a short while. Some people keep waking up throughout the night and feel they’ve had hardly any rest. Others wake early in the morning.

In this audio and eBook, I have packaged some tried and tested methods and techniques from my work with individual clients who have successfully overcome insomnia. There are breathing exercises, with music, designed to counter the effects of stress, a quick method of self-hypnosis, a visualisation process, and a formal hypnotherapy session. There’s even a lullaby…

Music for relaxation, meditation, visualization, creativity, yoga, Tai chi, Reiki and self-hypnosis

andyoldfieldHypnotic Timeout – 5min 26sec

This is the music I use in my one-to-one hypnotherapy and coaching sessions with clients. It uses binaural beat technology and has been designed to aid the listener to go into trance easily. It can be used as a single-play track for a short session, looped to any length required in your mp3 player, or combined with other tracks I have composed as a background for relaxation, trance or creative work.

Hypnotic Timeout is available via iTunes and Amazon or direct from


andyoldfield2Relaxation Response – 5min 30sec

Synchronizing your breathing with this music, and concentrating on using your diaphragm to breathe out fully, will help switch on the Relaxation Response (a physiological response described by Dr Herbert Benson building on the work of Nobel Laureate Dr Walter Heiss and his own research at Harvard medical School) which is the physiological key to activating the parasympathetic nervous system and beginning to counter the bio-chemical effects of stress. This response is one of the reasons why meditation and similar trance states are so good at helping alleviate many stress-related conditions.

This track also uses binaural beat technology and has been designed to aid the listener to go into trance easily. It can be used as a single-play track for a short session, looped to any length required in your mp3 player, or combined with other tracks I have composed as a background for relaxation, trance or creative work.

Relaxation Response is available via iTunes and Amazon or direct from CD Baby

andyoldfield3Rapid Relaxation – 3min 30sec

Some users of the Relaxation Response single said that they found it difficult to get into meditative 7-11 breathing straightaway, particularly when they are highly stressed or agitated.

Rapid Relaxation is designed to lead the listener quickly into relaxing meditative brainwave states by combining music and binaural beat technology with structured breath-deepening. The structure of the stage-shift cycle is from a high-energy state of everyday beta consciousness through the deep theta relaxation characteristic of near-sleep to a relaxed meditative alpha state that helps to fire the Relaxation Response and all the physiological and psychological benefits that entails.

To move from a state of high energy to one of relaxation, simply synchronise your breathing with that on the audio, inhaling with the rising tune and exhaling as it falls, pushing those last bits of air out of your lungs with your diaphragm.

This track is ideal deal for preceding the Relaxation Response and Hypnotic Timeout singles to make a meditation/relaxation soundtrack lasting just under 15 minutes.

Rapid Relaxation is available via iTunes and Amazon or direct from CD Baby.

Hypnotic download: Relax & Change Hypnotically

andyoldfield4Music and voice for relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis and self-development

Combining hypnotic words and music, the content of this audio has been effective for many of my clients who have used it to make all sorts of changes in their life from increasing self- esteem and confidence through overcoming limiting beliefs to breaking unwanted habits.

Instead of a hypnosis audio that treats a single specific issue, this one uses permissive Ericksonian language to enable anyone with any issue to get their unconscious and conscious minds to work together.

If you have a problem with how you think, feel or behave and want to make changes in your life, you can easily bring that problem with you as you listen in privacy to “Relax And Change Hypnotically” while your unconscious mind begins generating solutions for you.

This relaxing hypnosis audio is based on Milton Erickson’s hypnotic interview technique and Robert Dilts’ SCORE framework for initiating change processes.

Relax & Change Hypnotically is available from CD Baby

Book review: An Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy by Damian Hamill

cover150x250There are many introductory textbooks on the market aimed at newcomers to the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Unfortunately, I find few of them worth recommending to students on the courses I teach. Damian Hamill’s book, however, went straight onto my reading lists because it succeeds where so many other books fail.

For a start, he gets the underlying science and psychology right – it always helps if an author actually knows what he’s talking about. Similarly when talking about psychotherapeutic models, Damian Hamill eschews psycho-babble in favour of concise and accurate language. Just as importantly, he gets the ethics right too. In an area still tainted by quackery and charlatanism this is vital.

As a master practitioner and trainer of NLP, he has a particular theoretical perspective which he brings to bear on the subject. He also brings other perspectives to bear, but does so in a well-balanced way, neither attempting to hide them nor engaging in tub-thumping for any school.

The end result is a text that is concise, authoritative, informative and well-written. Feedback from my students has been positive.

Damian Hamill – An Introduction To Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy ( is available at Amazon & iTunes book stores.

Shift Control Escape

Transcript of The Sixth Swan Brother – listen on SoundCloud or watch on YouTube

Of all the freak show shades, the wolf lady was the only one with whom I felt kinship. Neither this nor that, a skin-shifting accident stuck in transformation.

After I left the treacherous court I joined the carnival, and she was like a sister to me. I know hard that can be: perpetual sacrifice and desperate belief, living only in hope that hope will not be unkind.

Hope spat on my wolf lady sister just as it let down Sydnee, my flesh sister, years before – not giving her time to finish the starwort shirt that would break the spell and restore my humanity.

When the wolf lady could no longer embrace what she was, I wept for a while. The temptation to follow her was strong, but I am made of sterner stuff.

I do not dream or live as others do.

My blade is sharp and the world will be cut to the bone as I settle into my shape at last.

On the grave of my wolf lady sister, I too will sacrifice. My five brothers are bound and gagged. And Sydnee, my seamstress sister, I am shedding a special tear for your pure blood. Your love.

One by one, brothers lie still as I separate them from life. Their bodies make a platform, down which run red rivulets – my bloodline cleansed, an offering to the ancestors.

I feel the plumage on my arm tremble in moon beams. Human thoughts slip from me like dew from down.

Swan feathers consume me.

Positive thinking? I don’t think so…

Chanting all those positive affirmations has never seemed that great an idea to me. I’ve always approached them with caution in one-to-one work with clients as I’ve found they can encourage wish-fulfillment fantasies, inhibit balanced thought processes and encourage depressive styles of thought, encourage unhealthy perfectionist traits, and be completely unrealistic. Doctor Jeremy Dean has surveyed research on another two downsides: why they backfire for some people and are harmful for others.

Having said that, they can be useful – if they’re constructed properly. NLP practitioners ought to use the well-formed outcomes model to help construct them while trainers and consultants might be more familiar with the SMART model of goal setting and use that to produce affirmations that are not vapid and woolly.