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Hypnotic download: Relax & Change Hypnotically

andyoldfield4Music and voice for relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis and self-development

Combining hypnotic words and music, the content of this audio has been effective for many of my clients who have used it to make all sorts of changes in their life from increasing self- esteem and confidence through overcoming limiting beliefs to breaking unwanted habits.

Instead of a hypnosis audio that treats a single specific issue, this one uses permissive Ericksonian language to enable anyone with any issue to get their unconscious and conscious minds to work together.

If you have a problem with how you think, feel or behave and want to make changes in your life, you can easily bring that problem with you as you listen in privacy to “Relax And Change Hypnotically” while your unconscious mind begins generating solutions for you.

This relaxing hypnosis audio is based on Milton Erickson’s hypnotic interview technique and Robert Dilts’ SCORE framework for initiating change processes.

Relax & Change Hypnotically is available from CD Baby